Frequently Asked Questions


Here you will find a list of some of our most frequently asked questions.
For all other queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via our contact page, or call us on 1800 478 297

Is it cheapest to book online, over the phone or via an online booking agent?

We offer our very best rates and deals always right here at

Here you will enjoy all of our own benefits including free Wi-Fi, Foxtel, parking, your choice of apartment and pay no mark ups to cover the large charges levied on us by the OTA’s (Online travel agents booking, Airbnb, Stayz, etc).

We’re available over the phone if required. You will find all you need within our site and can book instantly online via this page.

Do you offer early check-in?

Whenever we can, yes we do. Check-in time is from 2pm on your arrival day. On arrival day you will review your check-in information and key collection coe that will be valid at our check-in machine from 2pm.

If preparation of your apartment is completed earlier than 2pm you will receive an SMS message advising that you may then collect your keys and move straight in.

Holidays are exciting. We cannot always move straight in but please be assured – Surfers Paradise has myriad attractions to keep you entertained for the few hours you may be waiting.

Think coffee and cake at Grounding Cafe or Lot 1 Coffee.

Something a little harder (it needn’t be, they all serve snacks and soft drinks) at Finn McCools Irish Pub, Surfers Paradise Beer Garden or beachfront restaurant bars Wahlburgers, El Camino Cantina or TGI Fridays.

While waiting, luggage storage is available via Select Cavill Avenue, Surfers Paradise and the most likely location to show will be Xpress Tees, a shop between Cavill Avenue and Novotel Hotel on the tram line just up the road from our shop. PLease note MUST book online prior to arriving at the store. They cannot assist without a booking through the Stasher site.

Use promo code GCH15 at Stasher for 15% off.

If you haven’t yet arrived to the Gold Coast and you’re arriving early, make plans to fill the day with a trip to one of our theme parks, Ripley’s Believe it or Not, Timezone, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary – wow there’s so much.

Sure our apartments are great. While waiting there’s much much more to keep you entertained.

Do you offer a late checkout?

As we prepare our apartments as swiftly and efficiently as possible, housekeeping require a start time of 10am. As a result, we cannot extend past 10am for checkout unfortunately. Please consider this when booking and planning your time.

Do you offer daily servicing?

We do not offer daily servicing. Your apartment includes a full laundry inside to wash and dry your clothing or linen items as you choose. Some hotels offer daily servicing. We do not have these charges built into the rates you pay and, from experience, guests prefer to pay less and not waste time or money on these services.

Do you agree? It will be interesting to know.

Do we need to clean the apartment, strip the beds and wash sheets and towels when leave?

The short answer is no. The real answer is… maybe. It’s only a maybe to the cleaning. If the property has been enjoyed respectably and there are no spills, sand or extensive crumbs, foods left on floors, tables, etc no you do not. If the property really has been used, if you have neglected to use the rubbish chute located on every level of our apartment buildings then yes please clean up before you leave.

You do not need to mop or vacuum if the property is tidy.

Do not strip the beds or wash the linen or towels. All our linen is sent to our high quality commercial laundry for high temperature steam cleaning, drying and pressing.

Please treat our properties with respect. We list minimum excess cleaning charges of $275 and minimum damage charges of $330. THese charges are applied in less than 1% of stays. WE are nothing if we are not reasonable and we want you to enjoy your stay, tell your friends and come back and enjoy a return visit. Let’s work together to ensure that can happen.

Do you offer free cancellation?

Many online hotel websites offer free cancellation and/or no money down. We do not.

Why not?

If you book one of say 200 hotel rooms in Hotel 123 and then cancel, the hotelier still has maybe 199 bookings.

Every one of our properties is advertised independently, chosen by and then secured exclusively for you for your holiday and enjoyment.

If you were to book on 1 January for arrival on 30 June then cancel for free on 28 June, the owner of your property has little to no chance of re booking the property. This is different to the mass booking policies of standard hotel rooms.

If you booked the above Hotel 123 room, the operator will have most likley booked it 200 or more times for your night. If one or more cancels, they still receive great income to spread between owners (if it is a strata titled pooled income hotel) or the building owner if it is freehold.

What happens if I need to cancel and it's not my fault?

Even before Covid there were many reasons why we would need to a holiday or other booking. When a booking is cancelled, someone pays. We seek to make it extremely clear prior to our guests booking that we do not cover the cancellation costs for guest cancellation for any reason.

Any reason? Please understand prior to booking that, beside from the Refund Protect option we have on our booking form on this website or travel insurance offered by any number of providers online, the liability for not being able to attend or having to cancel your booking will not be covered by us.

Holidays are awesome. From our many years of experience, nothing beats the peace of mind offered by travel insurance. Originally we’d only take travel insurance for overseas trips ourselves. We now put our money where our mouths are and take domestic travels insurance.

We know it’s not fair to request the provider of our accommodation or holiday to pay for cancellations out of their control so we ask people do not ask us to.

A humble request. Please work with us.

Can we arrange luggage storage?

You’re busting to get in, I know.

If you arrive before 2pm check-in time, there are locations in town to store your luggage whilst you explore, enjoy the theme parks or much more.

If your apartment becomes ready earlier than 2pm we will let you know and you may then move in. This won’t be known until after guests have vacated and housekeeping can commence. Unless advised otherwise on arrival day, check-in is from 2pm.

Visit and search CAVILL AVENUE. This will bring up the store XPRESS TEES, located between Cavill Avenue and Novotel Hotel.

Use discount/promo code: GCH15 (on second page of booking process).

Please note ‘Stash point’ must be booked before arriving at the location.

IMPORTANT: The location will not show on search results if requested drop off time is before 9:30am or after 5pm. The store closes at 6pm and accepts last pick up time prior to this (6pm is not accepted as a pickup as if you were 10 minutes late – They’d be closed.

The above also works for late flights. Book a stash spot to leave your luggage while you make the most of your day after 10am checkout.

Do you provide bed linen and pool towels?

Great question. Definitely one to know the answer to before you leave home.

Each guest will have bedding including sheets, blanket, pillow and bath towel. Pool/beach towels are not included.

You are more than welcome to use your full laundry inside your apartment to wash and/or dry your towels, bedding, clothes during your stay.

Please note prior to travelling that your property is not a serviced apartment – It is not hotel-style accommodation where linen and towels are changed during your stay.

Your property is fully self-contained. That is, we provide a small starting supply of consumables such as toilet rolls (two per bathroom), mini shampoos, soap, etc. For any extra supplies please visit the supermarkets nearby.

You will love it here. Please know prior to arrival what is and isn’t included.

We are a coming in separate cars. How many car parks with our apartment?

All apartments include at least one car space. All two bedroom apartments (Excluding 12801 H Residences, which has two spaces) have one basement car space.

Three bedroom apartments include 1-4 car spaces (apartment dependant). 4 bedroom sub Penthouses have 2-4 car spaces – property dependant.

The listing page for each apartment lists the number of parking spaces, height limit for basement parking (the highest clearest is Circle on Cavill, Q1 and Hilton at 2.2 metres.

The 12 seater Toyota vans WILL NOT fit under any basement parking spaces. For further parking options please see:

Select relevant apartment for full information:
H Residences: 11001 x 1, 11003 x 1, 12101 x 1, 12301 x 1, 12801 x 2 (tandem), 13105 x 4 car parks, 13204 x 1 , 13205 x 3 car parks, 22106 x 1, 22607 x 1, 24002 x 1, 24003 x 1, 24206 x 1, 25101 x 4 car parks
Circle on Cavill: 1243 x 1, 1245 x 1, 2124 x 1, 2166 x 1, 2251 x 1, 2443 x 1, 2513 x 2 (tandem), 2552 x 2 Tandem), 2562 x 1, 2672 x 2
Q1: 4703 x 2 (tandem), 6203 x 2
Chevron Renaissance: 1303 x 1, 3375 x 1
Other Seacrest 11a x 1, The Penthouses 12 x 1

We are staying at H Residences AKA Hilton and our bathtub won't drain - Please help!

It’s a strange design though an easy fix:

Please turn the silver dial on your bath tub. This raises and lowers the drain plug as required.

Which apartments or resorts are most accessible for wheelchairs?

The most accessible apartments are located in the buildings known as Circle on Cavill and Q1. The ensuite bathrooms in these resorts feature ‘roll in’ showers – No hob, step or screen. There is a glass panel separating the shower from the vanity bench only.

Click here to search available properties, noting the Tallest Tower (Our branding for apartments in the same building as Q1 Resort) and Circle on Cavill will be the most suitable.

Most of our other apartments are accessible with a manual or small electric wheelchairs. H Residence (our branding for apartments in the same building as Hilton) have ensuite showers that feature a 10-20mm small ledge to stop water escaping only.